Who We Are

We are a collective Cardano DRep committed to exceptional representation. 

Join us in building an inclusive and resilient community, utilizing prosocial principles of democracy, pluralism, and sociocracy to improve decentralized governance.

Our Structure

Our structure is based on Sociocratic methods:
Interlinked circles, consent-based decision-making, talking in rounds, clearly defined roles (facilitator, secretary, delegate, leader)

Coordinating Circles:

Advising Circle:

Initial Domain Circles:

SanchoNET DRep Delegation Address:

How to delegate: 

Note: GovTools is currently being updated and will be back up and running in the second week of June.

Join Us

Fill out this participation form and join our community DRep dedicated to creating exceptional representation within Cardano's Governance


What is Cardano governance?

Learn more about Cardano governance here

What is a DRep?

A DRep is a delegate representative who votes on governance actions on behalf of their delegators.

What is Sociocracy?

Sociocracy is a governance system that aims to achieve decisions made by consent, using structured and inclusive processes. Learn more here.

What are the requirements to join?

How to become a member

We're more than a company; we're a movement toward a more ethical, decentralized and community-driven future
Whether you're a tech company, a DAO, a policymaker, or an AI or blockchain enthusiast, there's a place for you in the Photrek community. 

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